Do Ghosts/Bhuta exist ?

Kartik Nayak
3 min readSep 22, 2020

Yes, probably they exist . It is described Ayurveda that our body is made up of five elements-

Agni-Vayu-Prithvi-Akash and Jal


Fire-Air-Earth-Space and Water.

So our physical body is made of Prithivi or earth/soil, and other four bodies are present aside our body surrounding it. So all this five bodies need nurishment or satisfaction. When any of these five bodies are dissatisfied they become Ghost after death of this physical body. There is method to give satisfaction to all of this five bodies it is by

Yadnya karma

This is the reason most of Hindus perform yadnya in marriages and other public programs.

If ghosts exist how they possess a physical body ?

When your elemental bodies are not satisfied they become weak. So other dissatisfied elemental bodies of dead people take place of your weak elemental body. This ghosts are called


And there possesion over physical body is called

Graha badha

They are not as evil as shown in movies but they make life miserable which can result in suicide of victim or…



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