Is Blogger good for making money?

Kartik Nayak
2 min readAug 21, 2020

Hello guys, today I am going to tell you interesting trick to earn money for bloggers.


For today’s generation blogging is a important platform to share knowledge , tricks etc. Beside this blogging is also a good source of income . you can use affiliated links , sponsorship etc , to earn money from blogging. But this all is useless if you don’t have a high majority of audience .

# Get audience/ traffic for your blogs.

Quora is a great platform to ask questions and get answers. Beside this you can also create a space on Quora dedicated to your niche . I personally use Quora and it is a good platform to get audience .

What you have to do is simply create a space on Quora or join multiple spaces . when you are joined in multiple spaces , you can simply post links of your blogs on more than one spaces. This will result in people to visit on your blog .

# what are benefits of people visiting your blogs.

1. The more views you have, the more Google search's will show your blogs on top.

2. People will click on your affiliate links and will also view ads on your blog resulting in increase of your earnings.

3. The more people like your blogs the more they will be eager to read your upcoming blogs.

I don't think you want any more benefits rather than this.

It is not very hard nor too easy. You will have create a attractive blog title. People will not visit your blogs just because you have shared your link to them . Always try to maintain quality of your blogs if you don't have quality content then nothing can help you. You will also have to spend time on Quora to grow your followers and readers.

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